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the roadmap mba is a training course for small businesses and career professionals. 


(Launching late 2020)

"I source the very best information from every sector, understand it, simplify it and bring it together using my own experience and make it accessible for everyone." Steve Pugh

For businesses, this 8 week distance learning course will help upskill your staff so that they are ready for the next step in their career; improving their real world grounding in leadership, management, marketing, and sales - developing your leaders of tomorrow at a fraction of the price of other courses. 


For Entrepreneurs, this will help you manage your businesses better, sharing techniques from other companies, all based on real-world experience to improve your bottom line.

For career professionals, this course will give you confidence to make the next step in your career, giving you the skills you need to run small to mid sized companies at Director level.

  • Designed to work around you.

  • Full training materials. 

  • Build your professional network.

  • Regular group sessions.

  • Time commitment as little as 30 mins per week.

  • Option to skip sections that are not relevant.

  • Step by step videos.

  • Written and practical tutorials.

  • Gain access to online reference materials for 12 months.

  • Within the 12 months, rejoin a future cohort if you get busy so you never miss out.

Whatever your goals or ambitions, will help you get there.

Our courses cover all types of learning:



Visual Learners prefer to see information and visualise the relationships between ideas.

To support this we give you:

  • Charts and Graphics

  • Visual Representations on concepts

  • Clear presentation of information

Auditory Learning

Auditory Learners prefer to hear information rather than reading it, or seeing it displayed visually.

To support this we give you the option to:

  • Recite the information out loud to remember it

  • Give you the chance to repeat your answers back

  • Discuss the concepts in webinars or group sessions

Reading / Writing

Reading / Writing Learners learn best when they write down ideas and make notes.

To support this we give you:

  • Handouts and cheat sheets

  • Encourage you to work through worked examples

  • Write about your learnings

  • Acknowledge that many people will watch this on a smart phone, and give you the opportunity to pause at clear points as you write.

  • The content follows the book so you can read along as you learn.

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic Learners are hands-on and learn best by doing.

To support this we give you:

  • Get you to apply the knowledge in your own business or career

  • Have interaction with your peers

  • Give you the opportunity to watch real life examples.

Online Training Terms and Conditions

  • Individual course purchases give access to module material for 12 months.

  • Prices include VAT.

  • Questions and answers will be provided via the online portal and materials will be continually refreshed, staying up to date on the world's latest techniques and concepts. Users will be updated on key developments and support throughout the year - direct to your inbox.

  • This is not an accredited course and has no affiliation with other organisations. 

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