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Tel: (+44) 07518492982

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 Learn, develop, excel 

My aim is to create the world's best-value business training course.

"I may not have the celebrity name or huge promotional budget, but I will source the very best information from every sector, understand it, simplify it and bring it together using my own experience and make it accessible and affordable for everyone."

Most companies want to train their people to get better performance but can't afford the time out the office. Staff want flexibility to work around commitments or other projects. You also want to work at your own pace and re-cap topics when you choose.

Our training is designed to be accessible everywhere, for everyone, working around you.

Our brand promise is to stay up to date on the latest techniques, understand them, simplify them, make them applicable to you.


We still retain the good parts of in-person training such as direct feedback (and still offer in-person training in key locations) but online we bring new tools to improve impact and embed new behaviours whilst providing the best information available.

Whatever your goals or ambitions, the Growth Strategy Roadmap™ business courses will help you get there.

Our courses cover all 4 types of learning:



Visual Learners prefer to see information and visualise the relationships between ideas.

To support this we give you:

  • Charts and Graphics

  • Visual Representations on concepts

  • Clear presentation of information

Auditory Learning

Auditory Learners prefer to hear information rather than reading it, or seeing it displayed visually.

To support this we give you the option to:

  • Recite the information out loud to remember it

  • Give you the chance to repeat your answers back

  • Discuss the concepts in webinars or group sessions

Reading / Writing

Reading / Writing Learners learn best when they write down ideas and make notes.

To support this we give you:

  • Handouts and cheat sheets

  • Encourage you to work through worked examples

  • Write about your learnings

  • Acknowledge that many people will watch this on a smart phone, and give you the opportunity to pause at clear points as you write.

  • The content follows the book so you can read along as you learn.

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic Learners are hands-on and learn best by doing.

To support this we give you:

  • Get you to apply the knowledge in your own business or career

  • Have interaction with your peers

  • Give you the opportunity to watch real life examples.

Disruptive business strategy training

1 day (8 hours) strategy training event and workshop. On site at premises or event, up to 20 people.



  1. What is disruptive business strategy?

  2. Keeping ahead of the competition.

  3. Maximising your maximum addressable market.

  4. Understanding the customer.

  5. Do you make money? What could you be leaving on the table?

  6. Achieving scalable growth.

  7. Your aims and ambitions - creating the Roadmap to help you get there.

  8. Developing the team.

  9. Hands-on workshop session.

  10. CLOSE.

Sales training

1 day (8 hours) sales training. On site at premises. Groups up to 20.



  1. Introduction and discovery session on current processes and systems. Identify issues and challenges. Listen and record feedback on current structures. Will be used later. 

  2. Overview of what we’re trying to achieve and why.

  3. Common challenges and frustrations.

  4. High level introduction to managing a sales pipeline.

  5. Understanding your product offer. What are we trying to achieve? Why are you better than your competitors?

  6. Understanding the customer. Alleviating client pain points and making their life better. Getting everyone on the same page.

  7. Prospecting. Who are you targeting? Where? When and how?

  8. Mapping out your customers.

  9. How to get through more doors.

  10. Key company messages, what are they? 

  11. Structure for calls and meetings, including the theory behind it and reference material.

  12. Your elevator pitch for meeting someone new.

  13. Qualifying your buyer. Techniques to do this.

  14. Overcoming objections.

  15. Presenting to a client.

  16. High Value Consultative Selling.

  17. Cross selling and up-selling

  18. Following up. When, how often, what questions to ask?

  19. Tracking and measuring activity.

  20. Roll play and trial calls / meetings throughout the day.

  21. Recap on managing a sales pipeline and Lead Actions. Linking this to the original feedback from the start of the session.

  22. Any other questions.

  23. CLOSE.

Online business training(Coming Soon)

Online Training Terms and Conditions

  • Individual course purchases give access to module material for 3 months. Passwords are renewed and e-mailed out on a monthly basis. Buying the complete course gives 12 month access to all modules. Passwords for access are still e-mailed out monthly to users.

  • Listed price is for one licence is for one individual only. For corporate licences please get in touch for a reduced rate.

  • Training is provided in the form of video content, course materials forms provided as PDF downloads and monthly questionnaires e-mailed out to attendees to refresh content and gauge retention.

  • Questions and answers will be provided via the online portal and materials will be continually refreshed, staying up to date on the world's latest techniques and concepts. Users will be updated on key developments and support throughout the year - direct to your inbox.