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When launching your business focus on the Innovators and Early Adopters!

One question I get asked almost every day is "I'm launching a new business, where should I focus to drive sales?" 🤔 ANSWER: Focus on the Innovators and Early Adopters! ⚡✅

Focus on the first 2% of a standard deviation bell curve, and the next 12-14%, who will instinctively understand your offer and are much more likely to buy. This is a personality trait of those people but once you have them on board, the early majority and thus the mass market will follow.

Don't waste your time with the Laggards or Late Majority, as your sales cycle will be much longer and you are much less likely to convert at the end of the day. These people want to see someone else take the risk first and only when your product is well proven and the price is right will they come on board.


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