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What to expect both pre and post sale (for selling your business)

"There are many considerations around whether or when to sell a business. Some owners start it all with one eye on an exit, but for others it is more fundamental and more emotional. Every entrepreneur or business owner will want something different. You could sell your business. You could pass it along to your family. Or you might not want to give them full control just yet. There is no right or wrong approach, only what is right for you."

In this excellent document from UBS, the report covers tips, knowledge and experience for business owners who are beginning to think about the next step.

From experience, it is worth considering items covered in this report as early as possible, perhaps even before you engage a consultant or new MD to come in and grow your business, with view to an exit.

The fascinating 24 page report also covers 'Life after an exit' to help you prepare and engage with effectively managing your wealth, but also addresses often underestimated areas such as the emotional impact of moving on. Well worth a read!

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