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We all have dreams, but without DOING, these will simply stay as ideas.

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

We all have dreams, but without DOING, these will simply stay as ideas, the "what ifs”, the things we regret, the chances we didn’t take.

In any successful execution there are hundreds of cogs which need to line up to make things work. Not all of these you can control, so you need to focus on your biggest ticket ideas, your best chances for success and have the discipline to see it through. Piece together the steps you need to take, and then work backwards on each Lead Action* in building your dream.

It is not by chance I’m still awake working at 12.32am on a Friday night. I have a plan, I know where I want to get to and I’m putting in the work.

By luck or by chance I have always had the fortune to identify gaps in the market and make it happen.

Share your ideas, stress test the concept and then execute as best you can. Nobody knows if you will succeed, but you will know if you gave it your best shot. If you give it your best shot, succeed or fail, I’ll be there supporting you all the way!

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