• Steve

Use your passion to create a better world

I'm sure you, like me are finding this time at home slightly strange. The forced social isolation from things we hold most dear is both physically and mentally taxing, but also for someone who is trying to build and sculpt something for the future, I am finding myself working 7 days per week split between my client work which I love doing and brings great fulfilment being part of someone else's team, but also on my personal projects which are an important part of my future.

The forced isolation has enabled me to re-evaluate my goals and one of my projects which I was looking to launch towards the end of the year, I'm now going to push back a year but with the aim to build something so much bigger, with the time now allowing me to work on my craft.

For anyone who works on their business or has a passion to create something, use the time to build your ideas and do research. Write the thing you've always wanted to write and take this time as sacred. Nobody knows what is around the corner but no matter what happens, use your passion to create a better world for everyone. Lord knows we need it.