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The Marketing Meetup, Newcastle

Last night I was given the wonderful opportunity to speak at The Marketing Meetup in Newcastle, talking about disruptive business strategy. 💬

Setting up on your own is easily one of the hardest things you'll ever do, so knowing the audience I was keen to add as much value as I could to help share the importance of thinking disruptively, and crucially ways that you can drive new revenue streams and disrupt your own industries today!

It has only been 14 weeks for myself since launch and it is a hell of a journey. 🎢

In my talk I mention the need to create an ecosystem to allow you to maximise your addressable market and address your client's real pain points. Within my own business I aim to support everyone from solopreneurs to multinationals, each at the right price point, purposely building an accessible support system to support your entire business journey. This does start with FREE and I always help out anyone I can.

Please check out https://www.growthstrategyroadmap.com/ to find out more or follow Growth Strategy Roadmap™ on all of the socials for lots of free tips and advice.

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!! Many thanks to Joe Glover, Duncan Yellowlees, Guy Kingsley-Smith, Geoff Phillips and everyone that attended. #themarketingmeetup #marketing #strategy #marketeers #growth

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