• Steve

The best is still ahead.

Although we’ve reached another Friday it doesn’t feel like we’re approaching a weekend. The trials and tribulations since the start of the year have been painful for all of us.

Reading the comments on Twitter, there is a feeling of uncertainty and tiredness. That is what 2020 feels like so far for many of us. 🙈

It feels like we have been working so hard, but it’s now 3am, you haven’t been to bed, but you feel if you stop the economic clouds will catch up. ⛈

Recounting all-nighters in my younger days, especially those spent outdoors, it feels like the opening of restrictions, pubs and restaurants is the sun starting to rise in the morning. Although this signals light at the end of the tunnel, you’re tired and you just want a rest. 🌄

There are people at all levels who don’t know what the new day will bring. It’s hard to see the wood for the trees about what to do next or simply having the confidence to take some rest, refresh, then pick up the battle in the morning. But you should.

For me we are all in the forrest looking out at the sun rise, battle scarred and tired.

The new day will bring new light. It will bring new opportunity.

Take some time this weekend to refresh and get a clear head, then come back fighting stronger.

The best is still ahead. 💪🏻