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REVIEW: Kick Cards by James Rutherford

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Kick Cards by James Rutherford 💭💭💭

It is always a challenge for any entrepreneur to gain time to think about their business. There is a classic saying "You don't know what you don't know" and it my my belief this is why peer groups, mentors, Non Execs and Business Coaches are so popular. They are all there to help you get to amazing ideas quicker, and provide a new viewpoint on a potentially well-worn problem.

"Kick Cards can be used to sharpen thinking, and also as a facilitation and mentoring tool". In their development they have been tried, tested, iterated and improved them over many years with teams and business owners - to discover what should be discussed but often isn't. **I have my own notebook to work through them. 📝

As someone who works on their own I found the Kick Cards as an extremely useful tool to identify risks and opportunities for my own business. They just happen to come in the innovative yet very user friendly format of a pack of cards - breaking a huge amount of information into manageable chunks.

Either as a purchase for 'personal business education' or as a gift for someone who already has everything, consider Kick Cards for supporting your next stage or development. I did. ✅

9/10 £35 at www.kick.cards #business #strategy #thinking