• Steve


In recent weeks I’ve been reading The Art of Happiness. The current chapter raises an interesting question when discussing ‘enemies’ and people who we feel have done us wrong...

We all have people who we dislike. They may have wronged us in the past, treated us badly, or said something we took offence to. When asked how should we deal with this, the Dalai Lama says we should embrace it.

Out of everyone in the world, only a small number will ever do us wrong. Whilst we never enjoy this, it does allow us to grow as people and develop patience, strength and tolerance.

“Imagine you went through your entire life and always got whatever you wanted. Nobody ever said no. Nobody ever pushed you. What kind of person would you be?” You would be weak, you would have no discipline, no determination. You probably would also have no gratitude.

Whilst we all have people we dislike, this resistance does make us stronger and can push us onto a path where we can achieve more and develop. “That bad boss may have made you change careers to something you love, the bad relationship enabling you to move forward”.

Like anything, if you can survive through the pain, use this for the future to make a positive change to your life. Whilst never easy, it is helping us grow.

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