• Steve

Invest in yourself

When was the last time you invested in yourself or your business? 🤔

If you can spot a trend and you know it’s going to be big for the future, investing in key areas could give you a competitive advantage.

Personally I made a bet back in May on LiveStreaming and it paid off.

To date I’ve conducted 27 interviews, and combined with repurposing the content into podcasts and across multiple platforms, it has exceeded more than I ever expected.

For my LiveStreams my 2016 MacBook Pro was at capacity and it would have been a limitation on where I want to get to in the next 2 years.

As such I’ve just taken delivery of a new 2020 iMac which I’m using for a particular personal project launching at the end of the year; but also to handle the next level of online streaming based media production both for myself and clients. 📈

In September I have a private project for a client which is pushing the boundary of what I’ve ever seen done before in terms of simultaneous recording and broadcasting, creating joint online / offline events streaming to multiple audiences worldwide. The knowledge I learned in the past 4 months allows me to do this.

Look for the things to take you to the next level. It may be a small investment now, but if you get it right it could pay off big. 🙌🏻

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