• Steve

Introducing Joe Maphosa

Every single one of us is trying to build a better life for our families. Whether we realise it or not, it is the resilience to follow our hearts and follow a dream is what makes life worth living. 🙌🏻 I don't believe this is shown better anywhere than in boxing. Every day we're all getting punched in the face, maybe by email or a passive aggressive colleague, but we're all in the ring. From the very first moment I met Joe Maphosa I knew he was a champion. Joe's work ethic and determination, his devotion to his family, his passion for his craft, AND THE FACT HE'S AN INCREDIBLE BOXER is something I wanted to celebrate. 👑 This 2 min video helps to share Joe's story. 🥊 I respect Joe as he quite literally puts it all on the line, in front of a crowd, win or lose. You can never ask more than that in business or your career, and no matter what happens for Joe in the next few years, he is already a champion and a true winner in life for what he does for his family and his community. Joe thank you for letting me share your story! #boxing #business #resilience #hardwork Roadmap MBA