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Interview: Thor Holt

On Tuesday I have the pleasure of speaking to Thor Holt 💬 Thor is an Aberdeen based Pitch Coach, Investor and Volunteer Mental Health Counsellor. Thor is also now helping people to land jobs post COVID with his latest business Career Goldminder 🏆💰⛏

Within the interview we will also cover Thor's career to date, from growing up, to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to discussing the changes in Aberdeen, the art of good presentations, and also the importance of Mental Health.

I have known Thor for about 8 years and it should be exciting one. 😵🙉

Interview 3:30pm on Tuesday 13 October across LinkedIn LIVE, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The podcast will be shared shortly after. ✅

The aim of the Growth Strategy Roadmap™ interview series is to share the stories of real people who have real businesses. We unpick some of the business strategies behind the brands, discuss market trends and also share knowledge, ideas and the best advice they've ever had.

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