• Steve

Business is a marathon not a sprint

I received some great advice this week. Upon asking a friend what is the greatest piece of advice he’s ever had, he shared how business is a marathon not a sprint. 📈

Most of us have a long time left in the game, so why sprint now and potentially burn out before you’ve even made an impact on what you could achieve in time. 🤔

Being eight months into my own journey I really took this to heart. My approach is to make small but continuous improvements every day, which in time will combine to build something bigger.

We often put targets on ourselves and judge against metrics which might make sense in a 400m race but not over 26 miles (or 26 years).

Whatever your goals or ambitions, small but continuous progress will help you fulfil your potential. As a prominent businessman says on Teesside “Little bricks build big houses” 🧱

Judge yourself over the long term and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

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