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[BOOK REVIEW] "What Happened" by Hillary Clinton.

[BOOK REVIEW] "What Happened" by Hillary Clinton.

It's rare that I give a negative review, but sadly on this occasion my hopes of an inspirational book about the first woman in history to run and get so close to winning the US Presidential Election fell short. 🇺🇸

The clue was in the title that the main narrative would be around her 2016 loss to Trump and 'What Happened'. Within the 494 pages I hoped it would have been laced with anecdotal learning and takeaways from someone with over 25 years at the very highest level of politics and world diplomacy, however instead we got a fairly dense book which was far from a page turner and every statement was laced with the fresh wound of someone still struggling with the bitterness of defeat.

I have huge respect for the lady as a person and things she has been able to do, enough to want to buy the book, however in practice a 4/10 is perhaps generous and your time is better spent elsewhere.

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