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[BOOK REVIEW] "Letter To My Daughter" by Maya Angelou.

For most of my life I have found my mentors in books and film and music with people who I have never met, but whom I learn from their experience and put myself into their words in the hope to gain wisdom, experience or knowledge.

Letter To My Daughter is a book by Dr Angelou to the daughter she never had, sharing stories from her life which impart wisdom in a way without judging or preaching, but with a humility and intelligence which is rare.

Within the hour it took me to finish the book I read every word imagining a Grandmother sharing stories with her family helping them on their way through life.

Applying this to business, it is mentors like Maya which provide hope and faith that we all have a place in the world and we should use every talent we have to make a change. Life is hard, but other people's lives are harder. Do the best you can, that is all you can ask, and then other people can take the ground you tread to make their own next step in the world using you as inspiration, as Maya Angelou has done for me. 10/10.

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