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A hypnotist & a mind reader

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Having a solid e-mail list is an extremely valuable tool for the modern business. Two experts on the topic, Robert and Kennedy, are my guests this week and the pair will be sharing knowledge which I guarantee will add value to your business. 📈 We will also discuss their careers to date, how having stage careers as a Hypnotist and Mind Reader can benefit you in business, launching ResponseSuite, and also how their podcast and #TheEmailMarketingShow allowed the entrepreneurs to gain a global audience. 📡📨🔮

The full interview and podcast is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google and all popular streaming services. 💬

Time stamps:

0:05 - Introduction

1:11 - Rob and Kennedy

2:00 - How do you become a mind reader?

5:07 - Using these skills to present in business

8:39 - Launching their start up Response Suite

11:12 - Pivoting the business

14:00 - Why email is so important

24:07 - How do they do their own promotion? The importance of sticking to what you're good at.

31:20 - What is the dream?

36:30 - What is the best advice you've ever had?

The aim of the Growth Strategy Roadmap™ interview series is to share the stories of real people who have real businesses. We unpick some of the business strategies behind the brands, discuss market trends and also share knowledge, ideas and the best advice they've ever had in their careers.

All of my past interviews are available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaVfwWe7dQDPPSc8ryuvkVQ

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