Interim MD / Director Level Support - Most Popular​ // from £2600 + VAT per month

  • I help you run your company.

  • Includes continuous 365 support remotely to answer questions and support your team, plus 10 hours per week intensive support. This can be used for anything to grow your business.

  • We will produce a business strategy to help you increase revenue; increase profit; diversify into new markets; increase market share or grow for a sale.

  • We will then monitor, manage and improve your progress every month, with me specifically targeting your biggest problems or needs.

  • I act as a peer coach to the exec team throughout the whole process.

  • Add additional days per month for £500+VAT per day.

ONE-TO-ONE GROWTH SUPPORT​ // from £1300 + VAT per month

  • Package includes either 8 hours every two weeks, or four hours a week, intensive support PLUS continuous 365 support remotely to answer questions. Can be used for anything to grow your business.

  • Together we will implement real change with your team.

  • Add additional days (8 hours) per month for £600+VAT per day.



  • Together we will go through everything about the company - existing business plans, strategies, org charts, EVERYTHING!

  • We will defining your aims goals and objectives.

  • What is your differentiated value proposition.

  • Who are your competitors? Why are they better?

  • Your current and projected revenue streams. Creating new ones!

  • Create clear, measurable steps to achieve these goals.

DAY 2: GETTING THE TEAM ON BOARD - The most important day!

  • Presenting the goals, objectives and gaining buy-in from the team.

  • Getting everyone engaged with the project, asking for their ideas and input.

  • This will also cover things such as structures required (to hit your goals) and potential career maps and succession planning.

  • Update the day one intensive strategy plan and review with exec team. 


  • Reviewing all of your sales and marketing activity.

  • Review the sales pipeline and everything in relation to business development.

  • We will produce the basics of a marketing plan for you (if required).

  • Make sure you're selling yourself and your products and services as best you possibly can.​

Following the intensive 3 day session, it is then recommended to go onto a retained plan, or at least 1 day per month, to maintain progress and stay on track towards your business goals. All of this is potentially eligible for grant support. Subject to availability and terms and conditions. Days do not need to be taken together.


  • Intensive half or full day to tackle your biggest opportunities or challenges.

  • Based on initial conversations you receive complete transparency based on a fixed price.

  • You would be amazed at how much we can achieve in single day!

  • Add continuous 365 support remotely to answer questions and support the team for £150 per month.



1 day (8 hours) sales training. On site at premises. Groups up to 20. 



  1. Introduction and discovery session on current processes and systems. Identify issues and challenges. Listen and record feedback on current structures.

  2. Overview of what we’re trying to achieve and why.

  3. Common challenges and frustrations.

  4. High level introduction to managing a sales pipeline.

  5. Understanding your product offer. What are we trying to achieve? Why are you better than your competitors?

  6. Understanding the customer. Alleviating client pain points and making their life better. Getting everyone on the same page.

  7. Prospecting. Who are you targeting? Where? When and how?

  8. Mapping out your customers.

  9. How to get through more doors.

  10. Your key company messages, what are they? 

  11. Structure for calls and meetings, including the theory behind it and reference material.

  12. Your elevator pitch for meeting someone new.

  13. Qualifying your buyer. Techniques to do this.

  14. Overcoming objections.

  15. Presenting to a client.

  16. High Value Consultative Selling.

  17. Cross selling and up-selling

  18. Following up. When, how often, what questions to ask?

  19. Tracking and measuring activity.

  20. Roll play and trial calls / meetings.

  21. Recap on managing a sales pipeline and Lead Actions - linking to the original feedback from the start of the session.

  22. Any other questions.

  23. Close

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