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Investing in scalable businesses​

My business model revolves around three main revenue streams; consultancy, investing in scalable business, and training and education.

For businesses I look to invest in they must have a clearly defined vision with significant market potential, but also have a specific gap or need in relation to the skill-set I can bring. This way I know I can bring value from day one and there is a clear win win for all parties.

If you would like to have a conversation please get in touch.

1) Online shopping platform - Ojami

I am an investor and on the advisory board of De-Miropass Technologies Limited, based out of Nigeria but also registered in the USA.

“Ojami” is a store aggregator technology platform which connects buyers and sellers in emerging economies to provide an online shopping experience and fast delivery when the Amazon model doesn’t work.

Many nations do not have the infrastructure required for the hub and spoke model popular in the US, UK and Europe, so players such as Amazon and struggle to make traction or delivery times are upwards of 5 days.

Ojami, under the stewardship of ADEJORO OLUWASHOLA, is developing a scalable system which can deliver in as little as 2 hours.

The platform will be launched in Nigeria but could scale worldwide connecting sellers and logistics in a way that has not been done before. With the impact of COVID, home delivery has never been more important.

I am supporting the Ojami team in the following ways:


  • Articulating the proposition to investors in a way investors will understand

  • Putting in place the business and governance structures investors will look for, which will increase your chance of investment and the investment $ value we can raise

  • Advisory and guidance on growing and scaling the business, and also when to take investment (and when not)

  • Raising money from investors and investor pitches

  • Updating the Ojami brand to look like other unicorn start-ups which will make a big difference in the valuation of the company

  • Ongoing support on activity with investors / fund raising / board meetings

  • Generally be available to answer questions and support as required

This will be an extremely exciting journey and I will be bringing experience to the team to help us achieve our ambitious goals.


2) Business Education Platform - Roadmap MBA

Globally there is a big demand for quality education materials, but often these also come with flaws in their execution or major barriers to entry - which can include cost, time, past academic qualifications, or exclusion due to where in the world you're based.


These courses often exclude the people who need the help the most, such as young people or people from poorer communities. The way in which they present information can also require a lot of reading, which can be off putting to many, but also there is no feedback loop and ability to ask questions (about their own business or career) which is often what people crave most to give them the confidence to move forward.

Since its launch in February 2021 the Roadmap MBA is in 33 countries and has aims to become a household name in industry as a credible alternative to a traditional MBA business education.

Find out more at:

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