Grow your career

Growing your career is tough. Nobody will help you.

Nobody else cares...

^^^ Not True ^^^

"In my career I have had many ups and downs. I know failure more than most, but I also know how to play the game.


On moving to the North East I was able to become MD of someone else's international business aged 33.


I was able to do this through developing my personal skills and also building my personal brand, but mainly I worked really hard.


I want to do exactly the same for you to allow you to reach your potential."

I know how sensitive it is when you're looking to make your next move: Who do you speak to? How do you build your skills? What do you need for your dream job? 

Linking with the other parts of my business, companies I work with are often looking for their future superstars to come in as their next leaders or people to drive the business forward.


I would love to help you make your next move whilst also helping my other clients.

Please reach out and pick my brains and I'm always happy to help if I can. Use #careers in your message, so I know you're from this page. 


As a way to get started, the Growth Strategy Roadmap™ book covers a lot of the skills and techniques which you might help you make that next step, which you can apply today to make a real impact quickly.


I will keep you in mind for any jobs which come up for organisations I'm involved with; and should you wish, I can also put you in touch with some great recruiters who I trust.

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