Business Brainstorming


This is business is based around improving people's success in business.


The path to success is never straight forward. The Growth Strategy Roadmap logo was designed to reflect how through working together we will take you from where you are, to wherever you want to be, over a number of steps.


This starts with the X (bottom left) representing where you are now, the three circles represent the various stages we might go through, and the location pin represents your goal or destination.

I wanted everything behind the business to have a meaning rather than being chosen for no reason. Knowing a lot of my promotion was going to be done on social media, I created a design so that the logo works at small sizes without losing detail and works especially well on mobile devices.

Visual Identity


Bold, Inventive, Professional, Clean.

I like white space and giving content room to breathe. Within this website everything is designed to be easy to read, leading the reader in a specific order through the web page, rather than having too much information overload at any one time.


With a business based around people but also that gives a strategic view point, the image used on my business cards (shown above) aims to hit both of these values visually, showing a range of people from a high-up strategic viewpoint.


In all of the images I use will reflect the feeling of being modern and professional, but never losing the main aspect of people, ideally with some indication of movement and progress. The motion represents business growth and development. 



Tone of Voice 

Confident, Collaborative, Credible, Clear, Professional, Passionate.

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Brand colours

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