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Tel: (+44) 07518492982

Copyright © 2020 Steve Pugh


When creating the brand for the business my desire was to reflect my core values, but also be descriptive of my personality and what the business does; across everything from the font, to the colour scheme, to the tone of voice.

Why does any of this matter?

As you look to build a company, having a well thought-out brand shows depth to your thinking and will help you connect with your audience on a greater level. It will help you sell more or achieve a greater valuation for your business. It can also help you achieve a genuine advantage over your competitors if linked to a good business strategy.


Acknowledging that the path to growth is rarely straight forward, the logo was designed to reflect how through working together we will take you from where you are, to wherever you want to be, over a number of steps.

I wanted everything behind the business to have a meaning rather than being chosen for no reason. Knowing a lot of my promotion was going to be done on social media, I created a chunky design so that the logo works at small sizes without losing detail and works especially well on mobile devices, which most of the internet now runs on.

Colour scheme

The brand colour scheme of magenta, white and black was chosen to be distinctive; highlighting the importance of standing out in the marketplace and being recognised.


As the brand developed from the original book in 2018, I am experimenting with more colours but trying to keep the same look and feel throughout. For my business cards I created a custom blue/grey colour which I believe will work well with my target audience and stand out on any potential client's desk.



Visual Identity


Bold, Inventive, Professional, Clean.

I am a big fan of white space and giving content room to breathe. Within this website everything is designed to be easy to read, leading the reader in a specific order through the web page, rather than having too much information overload at any one time.


With a business based around people but also that gives a strategic view point, the image used on my business cards (shown above) aims to hit both of these values visually, showing a range of people from a high-up strategic viewpoint.


In all of the images I use will reflect the feeling of being modern and professional, but never losing the main aspect of people, ideally with some indication of movement and progress. The motion represents business growth and development. 

Key messages: 


"I help you grow your company, one day at a time." 

I was keen to achieve a single sentence which is descriptive of what the business does (helping you grow your company) and how the service works (through a day rate or retainer). Keeping your core message as simple as possible is always positive. 


After 12 weeks of trading I reached out to a trusted contact to gain feedback to see if my message was simple enough to explain what I do. We talked it through and changed my core message to:


"Flexible, hands-on senior management support you can trust to tackle your biggest problems or opportunities."


Also recognising that most business owners are busy, I added the Executive Summary to the main page to describe in as simple terms as possible why people should hire me.  


Tone of Voice 


Confident, Collaborative, Credible, Clear, Professional, Passionate.

Say what you have to say, but use 6 words not 8. Anything should be as easy to understand as possible and where possible remove any jargon.

Printed materials

High quality stock papers and card, often with a high end finish. My business cards are 560gsm Multiloft Board, Soft Touch Laminate, 2 Sides. Digital Foil 1 Side, with the logo in gold leaf.

I want to give clients a premium feeling with every interaction, and this includes the paper stocks I use and the finish on my business cards. If you want to distinguish your product, your printed materials are a great way to do that.

Be easy to do business with

All of the links on this website are clickable from a smartphone, meaning a customer can tap my phone number and call me straight away. Whilst this is now common, every effort has been made to make it as easy as possible to communicate with my stakeholders and clients. You should do the same.