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Our mission is making business education accessible for everyone

For too long people from different backgrounds have been unfairly disadvantaged by structures created in society. Women, ethnic minorities, people from poorer backgrounds and people from different countries have all had to fight against challenges which put them at a disadvantage.


In education many of these structures still exist and we’re looking to change that!


Traditionally business education has been exclusive. Knowledge was held behind expensive pay-walls or admissions boards who decide who gets in.


For what you could get for free from libraries or the internet, the time required to learn this is so exhaustive that it often excludes working parents, people who are time poor, or many of the people who would benefit most.


The barriers to entry have been holding people back or stopping people from reaching their full potential.


Our mission is making business education accessible to anyone who has the desire to learn or progress in their business or career.


We do not judge based on past experience, academic qualifications, how rich you are, or where in the world you’re based. We treat everyone equally and aim to provide a platform which people can access to give them the knowledge they need, including at no cost using our Buy One Gift One initiative.

How is this course different?


In the creation of the Roadmap MBA, author Steve Pugh uses his engineering background and business experience to take complicated information and simplify this into a clear roadmap to follow.


Growing a business or career is approached as an engineer, sharing practical tools and advice to give you confidence making your next step.


In the Roadmap, Steve also shows how the world’s best techniques from sales, strategy, marketing and management can be used together to multiply their impact, combining tried and trusted theory with his real world practical experience as a Management Consultant.


Learn in your own way


On this course we understand that not everyone likes to learn through reading. This course allows users to learn through a combination of reading, watching videos, interacting with live streams, listening to podcasts, and joining online classroom sessions to guide you through the course, all accessible anywhere in the world from a laptop or mobile phone.


The course also includes the ability to ask questions for a full 12 months, providing a complete support package, which we believe tackles all of the limitations with traditional business education.


Our mission is making business education accessible. Join us.


Interview with Paul Lancaster, Founder of Newcastle Startup Week and multiple business owner on the Roadmap MBA and what he thinks of it.

What people are saying...

This course will help my team learn how to sell more, add more value and drive our business forward.

- Business Owner

Until now I'd just been using things I'd learned on YouTube. Now I have a roadmap to follow.

- Food blogger and Entrepreneur

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

- Commercial Director

This course will help me launch my fitness clothing line.

- Professional Athlete

This could be the new bible for new small business owners.

- Startup Founder

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